A Fully-Comprehensive Guided Tour of the Ostankino Tower.

We know every inch of this engineering masterpiece, and we want you to see it too.

Take your time to admire the ingenious design of the Ostankino Tower and learn the secrets of its design. Smile into the Moscow wind as you stand on an open-air viewing deck 85 metres above ground. After that, enjoy the striking panorama of Moscow from 337 metres, and test your nerves by stepping onto the glass "abyss".

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Captivating Panoramic Views of Moscow

There is something thrilling, if not soothing, in the ascent to such a massive height. Look down on the world and revel in the atmosphere, whilst looking out at one of the world’s most captivating cities. This isn’t just a view, it’s a sensory experience.

Super Interesting. Mega Informative.

The experience of our guides, coupled with their enthusiasm, will instantly spark awe and admiration for the country's engineering minds behind this structure. You will learn about the Tower’s complex design solutions, you will find out some secrets, and be told the legends of the Ostankino TV tower.

Easy Ticket Change

Have your plans changed? That’s not a problem. We will move your planned tour to a different date, free of charge.

540 Metres of Thrill

Are you planning on making a proposal? Or are you just thinking of what to do for a family outing? Maybe you are in the city for 24 hours on business and you want to fit in some sightseeing. No matter what, we have something for you. We will pick the best dates and place for your day, planning a bespoke event if required, and making sure your visit to the Ostankino Tower is unforgettable.

What will you see on your guided tour?

Explore the Internal Structures of the Tower

How does a TV Tower with a total height of 540 meters manage to stand? Is it true that the tower was designed overnight? What does the tower have inside it? All these questions will be answered by our guide. Don’t forget your hard hat!

A photo can't show how steadfast and strong this construction is. You must see it for yourself. These wire rope cables keep the tower steady, but how exactly? We will tell you about that too.

Access to the Open-Air Viewing Deck at 85 Metres

This deck opened to the public in 2017. Since then, it has become increasingly popular with visitors from all over the world. There is nothing here to get in the way between you, the sky and the Tower. It’s a selfie-lover, or professional photographer’s dream. Our guides will show you the best photo spots.

The Ascent to 337 Metres

The lift in the Tower moves 8 times faster than a usual lift, which will make your climb very quick.

The 360-degree panorama of Moscow is truly captivating. Can you spot The Spasskaya Tower over there? And then there is the legendary Cosmos Hotel… The whole capital of Russia is spread out before you. Compare the old architecture of the Kremlin’s old towers of the 15th century, with the 21st century skyscrapers of Moscow City.

The reason why the Ostankino Tower is so popular with children is because of the sections of transparent glass flooring, of course that’s if they manage to get the adults off it first! Terrifying to step on, but we guarantee it’s worth it.  There is no better place for a funny selfie.

Try out our cutting-edge telescopes. If you are lucky enough, you may even sneak a peek of the presidential motorcade. If not, you can enjoy many other scenic lookouts, thanks to a very powerful lense.

The interactive multimedia complex contains all the information you will ever want to know about the Ostankino Tower. From temperature and wind speed, to, perhaps most importantly, a clear answer to why the tower doesn’t topple over.

Sip a cup of coffee at our coffee point or café for a more-than-worthy end to your tour. The food is tasty, and while the location is sky high, the prices are not.

If you feel like having something a bit more substantial, reserve a table in the 7th Heaven restaurant. It's safe to say this is the most romantic place in Moscow. The menu was designed by our top chef, and the stunning panorama of night-time Moscow is combined with impeccable service to make it a meal to remember. 

Don’t forget that the entire restaurant complex rotates a full 360 degrees.

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