The observation deck of the Ostankino Television Tower is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 inclusive. Admission to the observation deck is carried out by one-hour sessions.

The number of visitors in the session should not exceed 270 people.

1. Admission to the Television Tower is allowed to the visitors aged 7 and over if there is an entry in the passport of the parent or if one of the following civil documents is available:

- Visitors from 7 to 14 years of age - birth certificate (original or copy), or international passport, or plastic student's card with a photograph. Admission of children under 14 is only allowed if they are accompanied by an adult.

- Visitors from 14 years of age and older - nationally recognized civil documents with a photograph, such as passport, international passport, driver's license, military service card, etc.

2. Registration of passes to visit the Television Tower starts 55 minutes before the session starting time and ends 5 minutes before the session starting time. In order to avoid misunderstanding or conflict situations it is recommended to arrive at the ticket office in advance.

3. Important notice for school groups!

On the day of the tour, the group leader must provide a list of students on the school letterhead signed by the headmaster, sealed and bearing a mandatory note: “I confirm the age composition of the group.”

In the presence of the above letter, students may come with copies of identification documents.

The group leader and the persons accompanying the group must carry originals of of official identification documents (passport, etc.).

4. Due to the possible difficulties at evacuation from the Television Tower in case of emergency and the need to wear personal protective equipment by the visitors for a protracted period of time, visiting the observation deck is not allowed to:

- Citizens under 7 years of age;

- Women with obvious signs of pregnancy;

- Persons with obvious signs of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

- Disabled persons with prosthetic devices;

- Persons with visual impairments using white canes;

- Citizens with obvious signs of mental deviations;

- Disabled persons using additional support (crutches, canes);

- Disabled persons in wheelchairs.

5. Amateur photo and video shooting is allowed everywhere in the Ostankino Television Tower with the exception of the checkpoint.

6. Citizens with implants, pacemakers, prostheses and the like containing metal which can trigger the alarm of a security metal detector, must carry a personal patient’s identification card confirming the implantation of the medical device.

7. Persons with fire, gas and cold steel arms are not allowed to visit the Ostankino Television Tower. All personal belongings, with the exception of handbags, briefcases, bags for documents, should be handed over to the storage room of the Excursion building. It is also prohibited to carry the following items to the Television Tower:

- Special means of protection and active defense;

- Explosives;

- Any liquids: aerosols, flammable, toxic and highly-odorous substances;

- Piercing and cutting objects and glass utensils;

- Oversized objects (suitcases, backpacks, bags, boxes, etc.);

- Objects and substances that can be identified as banned or dangerous.

- Objects and substances banned for free civil circulation;

- Animals and birds.

8. During the session, it is strictly forbidden to:

- Smoke in the territory and in the premises of the Television Tower;

- Enter the lift and exit it without the permission of the lift operator;

- Put inscriptions and post information notices.

- Wear dirty and smearing clothes;

- Enter premises not intended for excursion activities.

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