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The Ostankino Tower isn’t just a television and radio tower, but a place where Muscovites and city dwellers alike can experience a panorama of Moscow from a height of 337 metres.

From this height, and with the help of the panoramic telescope, you can see all corners of the city. Children especially like the sections of glass flooring, where visitors are free to stand, jump, or even roll around on.

An interesting new section of the Tower has recently opened at the height of 85 metres. Here visitors can find out more about the inside of the tower, about its history, and about how it was built. In good weather, visitors can step out onto an open viewing deck, built in 2017.

360-degree Panorama of Moscow

route #1

An independent tour to the highest point in Moscow, and to a height of 337 metres, complete with beautiful panoramic views and sections of glass flooring.

Inside the Tower

route #2

An experienced tour guide will lead you to the height of 85 metres, giving informative and interesting details about the engineering and technology behind the tower. In good weather, you can head outside onto the new open viewing platform, where you can see Moscow from a height of 85 metres. After the guided tour, take our high-speed lift up to the top of the Tower, and see Moscow from a height of 337 metres.

It’s possible to change the date of your tickets, even up to the day before your visit, free of charge and subject to availability.

Restaurant Complex

Have a dinner to remember in the stylish 7th Heaven restaurant whilst taking in the incredible view of Moscow from 330 metres.

Groups of 10 or more

Organisation of tours, parties, corporate events in the Ostankino Tower

Group Tours

Information for excursion agencies and individual tour guides

Parties and Corporate Events in 7th Heaven

We organise all types of parties and corporate events in the Ostankino Tower.

Your ticket will allow you to:

Take the high-speed lift to the highest viewing deck in Moscow

Enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Moscow, with views up to 70 km

Dare to stand on the glass flooring panels, giving the illusion that you are standing on air

Use the panoramic telescopes to see the city in fine detail

To book a tour, to organise an event in 7th Heaven, or to know more about our services, please contact us by phone:

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Посетите ресторан на высоте 328 м или посетите интерактивный мультимедийный комплекс

The TV Tower

The Ostankino Tower is the symbol of Russian television and a well-known tourist sight not only for Moscow, but for the whole of Russia.

Building took place between 1960 and 1967, with the cutting-edge technology of the time being used. Many of the technological findings were invented and patented at the time of this project. The project of the Tower revolutionised high-rise building methods and it remains an example of most advanced engineering to this day.

The project designer was a famous Soviet construction engineer named Nikolay Vasilyevich Nikitin, who reportedly developed the idea overnight. According to legend, an upside-down lily flower became the prototype of this grandiose structure.

Standing 540 metres (1,772 feet) tall, the Ostankino Tower is currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe.

It’s main purpose is to enable radio and TV broadcast. A good TV reception is found up to a distance of 120 km, covering an area which today is home to 20 million people. It is thanks to the Ostankino TV tower that the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region have the opportunity to watch their favourite TV channels and listen to the radio.

The Ostankino Tower is a place where many famous events in the capital take place. For the sporty, it has hosted a 337-meter race up its many stairs, the festival "Goodbye, Summer!" has been held here, and the International Parachute Jumping Festival "Moscow Base Open Air" for the adrenaline junkies took place here. It also served as one of the stages of the Olympic Torch Relay to mark the winter Olympics in Sochi 2014.

The observation decks of the Ostankino Tower are the only places from which you can view all the sights of the capital at the same time.

For Muscovites, and for visitors alike, the Ostankino Tower is, first and foremost, a modern cultural and excursion complex. Located at heights of 337 and 340 meters, its observation decks are a tourist favourite. Visit the television tower, and see a complete view of the whole of Moscow.

The Ostankino Tower is very popular with tourists, and it is visited by up to 1000 people per day. For the comfort of visitors, GoSwift developed an electronic ticketing system. This system won an award for Electronic Management at the World Summit Awards in 2013, confirming the ease of which visitors are able to book tickets.